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What is Rinmaru World
Rinmaru World is an online game and friendship site developed for girls of all ages who are fun-loving, give importance to friendship and enjoy creating their own original style. It is a very colorful and fun game where you can shop and fully get a thrill out of Rin Tv, Rin's Diary and social networking.

How to play
All you have to do is to join the website and playing is real easy.

Fill in the membership form and click "Sign Up". (Then you will receive an activation mail. Click the link on the mail and activate! Now you can "Sign In") Once in, click the button "Create Your Avatar" at the top of the page and give a start to your make over. Yay! However, take your time when you're creating your avatar, play with your hair, eyes, skin color and decide which ones you like the best and then save. For, once you create and save your avatar you cannot go back and change it. If you are not happy with it later, and wish to change it, you will have to make a totally new registration with a completely new email account.

After completing your avatar, you need to go to "My Room". In this room your avatar will be waiting for you in her underclothes. In the wardrobe on your right, you will find several basic outfits. Be advised to take your time and try them out. Make different combinations and play with your clothes. When you're done save it and go to "My Profile" to see how you look.

Time to shop ... Come on, let's go to Rinmaru Town…
Rinmaru World currency is "Ringo". In order to start shopping, every new player is given 1000 "Ringo" as a sign-up bonus! Woot!

You will be able to see how much Ringo you have at the right corner of your page. Enjoy it!

Time to dress up. In order to go shopping just click the button "Shopping" at the top. When you arrive at Rinmaru Town you will find some elegant and fun stores unfold before you. Rin's Shop, Designer Shop, Gift Shop, Second Hand Shop, Discount Shop, Pet Shop...

At Rin's Shop you will find exclusive ise ünlü markaların ve ünlü tasarımcıların ürünlerini bulacaksın.collections designed by Rinmaru which are updated twice a month.

At Designer Shop you will find products of famous brands and designers.

At Discount Store you can dress up your avatar from head to toe and very inexpensively!

At Gift Shop you can buy gifts for your friends and make pleasant surprises. Don't forget: If you want to receive gifts, you must be generous!

At Pet Shop many adorable pals, from pets to amusing characters designed by Rinmaru, will be waiting for you. Moreover selecting beautiful accessories and clothing for these cute buddies is also lots of fun. If you don't at present own a pet, you must get one. Life is so much more beautiful with them.

At Second Hand Shop you can sell clothes you are bored with and do not want to use. And you can take advantage of low-priced goods your friends sell.

Don't forget!… Very soon there will be more interesting stores in Rinmaru Town.

Its time to create your style…
After completing your shopping, you can go to your room and immediately start trying on your outfits.

You will see everything your avatar wears in the small squares at the bottom of the page. By pressing the red "X" at top of each image, you can send them back to your wardrobe and try them out later when creating another style.

When placing your clothes into the boxes at the bottom, place the outfit you wish your avatar to wear on the top to the far right. And move to the far left those you want your avatar to wear on the bottom. Best method to learn is trial and error!

After dressing up your avatar the way you like and saving your outlook; you can now participate in the "contest of the day" and start collecting votes. Remember, participating in the contest and voting for people whose style you like, will earn you "Ringo". You can participate in the contest just once a day, and be able to vote for only one person.

If you want to be challenging in the contest, you need to have a wardrobe stocked with the most beautiful outfits, the rest is up to you.

Stand in front of the mirror and select best clothes that make you feel good.

Let's get down to ways of winning Ringo
By participating in the "contest of the day" with the style you have created via shopping every day and also by voting for other participants.

Through making comments to your friends about the styles.

You can win prizes starting with 500 "Ringo" and up, if you're a winner in the style contest you participated in, that day or are one of the three top contenders.

Inviting friends to the game will also help you earn "Ringo".

By selling unwanted clothes at the Second Hand Shop you can make "Ringo".

Very soon, with new and varied activities, earning "Ringo" will be easier and even more fun.

Fun and Friendship...
In Rinmaru World, friendship is very important.

By keeping in touch and having fun with your friends and making new friends you can both enjoy the game and take advantage of all possibilities that exist Rinmaru World.